The GWD Motor Group WOF For Life is our promise to you!

Every used vehicle sold by us since April 2021 comes with a WOF For Life!
This entitles the owner of the vehicle to a free Warrant of Fitness check when they bring their vehicle in for a service at one of our workshops.

The WOF For Life stays with the vehicle rather than the owner, this gives you the advantage when it comes time to sell your vehicle off of handing this great benefit over to the new owner. Check out our great range of used vehicles and start taking advantage of the GWD WOF For Life Today.

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Terms and conditions:
The GWD Motor Group WOF For Life Applies to any used vehicle sold by GWD Motor Group from April 2021 unless otherwise stated. This will entitle the driver of the vehicle to one free Warrant of Fitness Check per year when they purchase a Full Vehicle Service at one of our branches. The WOF For Life stays with the vehicle, as long as the WOF For Life sticker is on the windscreen we will honour the Free WOF Check. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.