About Supporting our community

GWD Motor Group are proud to support our community through ongoing sponsorships and partnerships. These partnerships are a defining aspect of the GWD Motor Group family.  

Remy Morton

Whether it’s BMX dirt jumps or freeride, Remy Morton loves nothing more than going big on a bike. Remy has made his mark as one of the best all-round bikers out there, so good, he is a Red Bull sponsored athlete and now joins the GWD Toyota family. As well as being a professional Red Bull athlete, Remy owns his own Mountain Bike Trail Building company – Flux Trail. Building trail and jump parks locally and on the international stage, Remy is determined to give back to the local mountain bike community.
Remy X GWD 32

Hospice Southland

Helping look after those in our community that need it most. The Hospice provides an invaluable service for those at the end of life’s journey helping them and their loved ones get the most out of these trying times. We’re proud to support the Hospice and all the work they do for our community.

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Real Country NZ

Experience the South. Founded by Southern Girl Laura Koot, born and bread on a sheep farm in Southland, she loves sharing what she calls the real New Zealand experience. GWD Motor Group are proud to partner with Real Country NZ, Laura sure knows how to put the mighty Hilux through its paces!

Real Country NZ