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Here at GWD Motor Group we have a range of hybrid, electric and plug in vehicles available as well as a team of experts to educate on charging solutions, hybrid and electric vehicle price saving and even EV servicing.

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The million dollar question, what is the difference between hybrid and electric and which one is best for my lifestyle?

GWD Electrified 100% ELECTRIC

Fully electric vehicles are a plug-in EV that produce zero emissions. Also known as BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and AEVs (all electric vehicles), they are powered solely by electricity using an internal battery. With no fuel engine, they require far less engine maintenance. 100% electric EVs have different battery sizes which determine their range.

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GWD Electrified HYBRID

Hybrid electric vehicles are a hybrid of two power sources using both a fuel and an electric motor. The electric one initiates then the secondary fuel engine kicks in when higher speeds are needed. Because their fuel tanks are smaller, they use 30-60% less fuel than conventional engines. The electric battery is charged solely by the regenerative brakes, therefore no external charging is required. Hybrids are incredibly versatile, allowing you to switch between EV modes for short distances or ECO mode for fuel efficient motorway driving.

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GWD Electrified PHEV

Plug in hybrid electric vehicles, like hybrids, they have two motors but with an electric battery that is externally charged like fully electric vehicles. PHEVs have a smaller battery so the range is smaller but they can save up to 60% in energy costs compared to other hybrids. PHEVs offer the best of both worlds with the convenience of plug-in electric power and conventional fuel.

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GWD Electrified EV Charging Solutions

Drive with confidence knowing that if you need to charge while on the road, you can. Over 300 rapid DC charge stations are available for EV drivers every 75kms across state highways nationwide. Check out the ChargeNet website for more information.

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GWD Electrified MG Charge Hub

The MG ChargeHub is the ultimate charging point solution for home or office, designed to help EV drivers take control of their charging needs. Available in a 7KW single-phase and a 11KW three-phase configuration, the weather-resistant MG ChargeHub is compatible with all EVs that have a Type 2 charge point and provides the EV driver to complete control to manage their vehicle charging needs. Easy to install, easy to access, easy to own. A new era of charging is here.

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GWD Electrified Clean Car Rebate

The Clean Car Discount introduced by the NZ Government aims to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles in New Zealand by making the cost of low emission vehicles being registered in NZ for the first time more comparable to petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles.

For electric vehicles first registered in New Zealand from 1 April 2022, a rebate may apply on eligible vehicles. Ask us how this applies to your EV purchase.

Eligible for vehicles with a purchase price of $80,000 or less (excluding GST and on-road costs).

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