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Financing your next motor vehicle is easy with GWD Motor Group NZ. GWD offers financial car services and insurance products to help you along the way and ensure your assets are protected. 

We have a range of providers that offer financing and protection products that can be best tailored to your needs.  

We also provide a mobile service for your convenience. Call or email Phil Stevenson at any time to discuss some finance options so we can assist in making the process easier for you.  

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Finance Solutions with GWD

Here at Finance Solutions with GWD Motor Group, we will personalise your loan and tailor a package for you through our lending partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, give the team a call and we will see what we can alter to change your loan to suit your circumstances (there may be a fee to restructure your loan). 

Yes, at any stage prior to the loan agreements being signed, the loan amount can be reduced or increased, subject to the lender approval. 

Loan terms depend on two things

  1. How long you want the loan for 
  2. Affordability, how much you can comfortably afford to repay periodically. 

Once this has been determined, a term of between one and five years is fixed.  

Car finance interest rates will vary depending on the product and any promotions that might be in market. We offer a range of finance products at competitive consumer interest rates. 

That is up to you, payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly using and Automatic Payment from your bank account or by using a Direct Debit to make things easier for you. 

We have special finance rates for new vehicles from time to time, be sure to keep an eye on our offers page for more information on our new car finance deals. 

Occasionally, we will have interest-free, zero-interest or low-interest rate car finance offers at GWD. Keep an eye on our offers page for more information on our finance offers.

No, GWD does not offer guaranteed car finance. Car finance is subject to and requires credit checks before finance can be approved.  



This can change depending on your personal circumstances, our financial experts at GWD will discuss with you details regarding credit scores/credit ratings and how this will impact purchasing a car using Finance. Speak to the GWD Finance experts for more information.  

Yes, GWD Motor Group can provide car finance for beneficiaries in New Zealand. 

Unfortunately, you are not able to get car finance on a learners driver license in New Zealand with GWD Motor Group.  

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