GWD Motor Group Horwin EK Series

Freedom to beat the traffic, to go on adventures, to throw away timetables, to travel when you choose, to ride further, to park closer and to ride with zero emissions. 

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GWD Horwin EK Series Horwin EK 1

Free yourself from timetables and parking hassles, with the Horwin EK1. It has a big heart in a small package. It's super responsive, quiet, stylish, fun to ride and impressively frugal.  And it can be ridden on a car licence.


  • Up to 80 kms range
  • 72V 36Ah removable battery
  • 2kW motor
  • Cruise control
  • Reverse Gear
  • 50 kph limited
  • USB Phone charge point
  • Moped - 50cc equivalent
  • Ride on car licence
  • No WOF required



Horwin EK Series Horwin EK3

Free yourself from traffic jams, petrol pumps and parking hassles. The EK3 has plenty of power, an 80 km range and award winning design. It is full of neat features like CBS braking system, keyless go, anti-theft alarm and USB charging port – it's a great combo of style and luxury.


  • 125cc equivalent
  • Power 6.2 kW 
  • Up to 80 kms range
  • 72V 36Ah removable battery
  • Top speed 90 kms
  • Cruise control
  • CBS braking system
  • Reverse gear
  • Alarm
  • USB port
  • Keyless start

Find your free with GWD and Horwin Horwin EK Series

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